Join the BMW Club of Manitoba

There’s no reason not to join the BMW Club of Manitoba. You will be entitled to all these great benefits along with meeting fellow enthusiasts, social, and driving events. If you have any questions before registering, please contact Here are just a few benefits for registering:

We give away random prizes throughout the year. prizes can range from T-shirts, hats, toques to driver training, detailing vouchers worth over $100.00

- 2% off Purchase, Lease or Financed new BMW Vehicles (must be member in good standing for at least 1 year)
- 2% off Purchase, Lease or Financed new BMW Motorcycles (must be member in good standing for at least 1 year)
- Birchwood BMW 10% off parts and lifestyle accessories
- 5% off Rebirth Detailing services
- Bav Technique Diagnostic Tool and laptop
- 87-2007 oil reset and engine diagnostic tool
- Rear trailing arm bushing press
- Front Hub socket and inner race puller
- 15mm clutch alignment tool
- Front control arm bushing removal tool
- Fan Clutch removal tool
- VANOS alignment tools
- Club owned repair manuals
- Voting rights

I’m Sold, what are the next steps?

Step1: choose your membership length below.
Step2: Pay through Paypal which accepts VISA or MasterCard
Step3: Enter your registration details. That’s it!
Once payment has been received, You will automatically be a member and will have access to member only sections. You will also receive a member card (please allow 2-3 weeks) in the mail.

1 Year Membership $32

2 Year Membership $60